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Voluntariado y Pasantías en India


El subcontinente de India es una complete sobrecarga de sensualidad. Es un país increíblemente diverso en términos de geografía, religión, lenguas, arte, cocina y costumbres. Los programas de Voluntarios Internacionales se encuentran en el Sur de India, en los estados de Tamil Nadu, Kerala y Karnataka. El sur de India posee un fuerte sentido de la tradición, especialmente la tradición Hindú. Tamil Nadu es la cuna de la cultura Dravidian, una de las culturas aún existentes más antiguas del planeta. Kerala se encuentra en Suroeste de India, su cultura se ha desarrollado de manera relativamente aislada del resto del país, y muchas de sus costumbres únicas son practicadas hoy en día de manera cotidiana. Karnataka es el Puente entre el Norte y Sur de India y es hogar de la capital tecnológica del país, Bangalore. Gracias a su apego a la tradición Hindú, el Sur de India no ha visto muchos de los violentos conflictos que han azotado al norte del país. Los viajeros en esta zona, pueden explorar antiguas ciudades templo, bañarse en la cosmopolita ciudad de Chennai, flotar por las aguas del Kerala, broncearse en la playa, caminar a través de Ghat Occidental, y de vez en cuando, atisbar uno que otro tigre o elefante salvaje.

Por favor, tome en cuenta que los programas de voluntariado y prácticas profesionales en India requieren un nivel intermedio-alto o avanzado de inglés.


Mujeres - Jaipur y Dharamsala

Jaipur Women's Programs

The program works with women and girls in the areas of awareness, counseling and empowerment. All the projects provide sustainable development opportunities to the girls and women through education and motivation. There are regular rallies and marches to inform women of their right. Seminars are organized to raise voices against domestic violence public harassment (called “eve-teasing” in India) and sexual harassment. Counseling surveys can be done to serve the purpose of the programs. There are regular classes to educate women and to make them self-sufficient. In India most of the women bear all violence and harassment because of their dependence on their husbands and their families. So becoming self-sufficient is the first step to stopping violence and harassment. Preguntas? Haga Clic

Dharamsala Women's Programs

Lower Dharamsala is the site of our women’s program in the spectacular Himalayas. The education of girls has traditionally been neglected in this region. Their value was seen as being in the fields, not in the classroom. Raising the literacy rate and providing information on civil right for women and girls are essential to improving the status and independence of women in the region. Preguntas? Haga Clic

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Youth Programs - - Jaipur and Dharamsala


There are several children's homes that are happy to accept volunteers in Jaipur. Abandoned and orphaned children need mentoring, tutoring, fun activities, and more. The homes can also use your help in the daily tasks of meal preparation, cleaning, record keeping, staff training... the list goes on! Preguntas? Haga Clic

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Salud - Jaipur

This program is based in local community nursing centers, hospitals and dispensaries. All the project sites are associated with our partners. They have been established to provide medical and health services to the local public free or for a minimal charge. Public health outreach services such as polio awareness, hygiene for women, AIDS/HIV awareness and tobacco awareness are offered as well. The project seeks support in the health centers as well as in health surveys & programs. The volunteers also can setup health check-up camps in slums & the community schools for vision and hearing check-ups. Blood donation camps have also been organized in the past. The volunteers also will lend support in the health centers, taking care of the patients and their relatives. They will support the local staff in maintaining the records as well. Preguntas? Haga Clic

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Teaching - Jaipur and Dharamsala


There are three categories in the teaching program. One is a special school funded by our partners that caters to students in the impoverished southern area of Jaipur. The school offers this underserved community quality English teaching as well as all other required subjects. There are over 50 grade 1 to 5 students. Volunteers teach the students language and skills to aid their development. They will also help the local staff in the daily operations of the school.

The second category is located in the local public schools. This program programs extracurricular activities, art & crafts, group discussions, teaching and communication.

The third category serves women’s and community groups. This is primarily English teaching, though other skills are sometimes taught (computers, arts, among others) Preguntas? Haga Clic


You can do a lot for the youth of Dharamsala by working in a community school that strives to inspire local children through education. The tourism sector offers one of the few opportunities for these kids. The fact that the Dalai Lama has resided there since 1959 has attacted tourists, pilgrims, and the curious from all over the world. Help the kids with their English. Give them the tools to function effectively in the local economy. Volunteers help with English as well as activities such as arts and crafts, sports, and music. Additional work can be done in evening classes for adolescent girls and women. Preguntas? Haga Clic

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Special Needs Children - Jaipur

Special education school and disability centers for children and teens

The job of the volunteer will involve teaching, mentoring, caregiving. But of course, the main task is to give individual attention to the children and to monitor their progress. Among the other tasks are helping with physiotherapy, with mobility, feeding those who cannot feed themselves. Patience, dedication and emotional strength are necessities for this program, but the rewards are endless. Preguntas? Haga Clic

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Animal Rescue - Jaipur


The project is operated by a non-profit organization dealing with animal care and protection. The center is conveniently located in the city center. There are hundreds of animals and birds who have been injured or confiscated due to complaints by locals. There are dogs, cats, monkeys, pigeons, eagles, parrots, vultures, rabbits, camels, buffalos, cows, donkeys and more. The organization runs a helpline that people can call if they come across an injured animal or bird. The project team will collect the wounded animal and bring it to the center. All the expenses are borne by this amazing organization itself. Preguntas? Haga Clic

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Construction - Jaipur

The construction and beautification program involves work on community buildings such as government and private schools, hospitals, public gardens and other buildings requiring renovation and beautification work. In the case of community schools, the volunteer will decorate the schools with illustrations of fairy tales, numbers and other relevant subjects that will motivate the children to come and explore them on a daily basis. Whatever the project, the goal is the same: transforming uninviting, outdated structures into places where people want to be. Preguntas? Haga Clic

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Costos y Detalles


Costos: Costo de Postulación (US$200 dólares) + Costo del Programa (depende del número de semanas)
(Por favor, revise nuestra política de reembolso AQUÍ)


Duración de Programa Jaipur
Todos los Programas
1 Semana US$500 N/A US$695 
2 Semanas US$595 N/A US$815 
3 Semanas US$735 N/A US$955 
4 Semanas US$875 US$1095 US$1095 
5 Semanas US$1015 US$1195 US$1235 
6 Semanas US$1155 US$1295 US$1375 
7 Semanas US$1285 US$1395 US$1515 
8 Semanas US$1435 US$1495 US$1655
9 Semanas US$1575 US$1595 US$1795
10 Semanas US$1715 US$1695 US$1935 
11 Semanas US$1855 US$1795 US$2055
12 Semanas US$1955 US$1895 US$2175


* Los costos estan listados en Dólares Americanos. Si estás fuera de los Estados Unidos da click AQUÍ para ver la conversión de tu moneda en línea. Este te dará un aproximado.

Pagos con tarjeta de crédito: Todo pago con tarjeta de crédito tendrá un recargo adicional del 3.5%. Esta es la tarifa que se nos cobrarán por las transacciones internacionales. Contáctanos para información de otras formas alternativas de pago.

Los Programas Incluyen/No Incluyen

Fechas de Llegada

Start Dates

The programs in India have completely flexible start dates most months of the year. It is generally suggested that participants arrive between Sunday and Wednesday to go through orientation and then jump right into their project.

ELI volunteers will be met at the Airport. If your already traveling in India and are coming overland, please let us know and we will give you instructions on where to meet.



El seguro de viajes no está incluido en el costo del programa. Preferimos dejar que los participantes decidan qué tipo de cobertura necesitan. Por favor, vea la página de preguntas frecuentes para más información sobre seguros de viaje

Todos los precios se encuentran en dólares americanos. Los costos del programa reflejan los costos que Voluntarios Internacionales enfrenta cuando organiza un programa. Trabajamos duro para mantener nuestros costos lo más bajo posible. Voluntarios Internacionales como ELI está registrado bajo la categoría 501©3 como Organización Sin Fines de Lucro. Los residentes de Estados Unidos tiene la posibilidad de deducir algunos o todos los costos de su programa. Si usted vive fuera de los Estados Unidos y quiere saber cuáles son los costos en su moneda local, haga click aquí para accede a la herramienta de conversión de divisas.

Program Fee Includes:

  • Airport pick-up & drop only from Jaipur Airport
  • Orientation about project, country and rules
  • Accommodation
  • All meals (Breakfast, Lunch and dinner) Authentic Indian meals
  • English speaking project manager on project to assist
  • Emergency assistance (if required)
  • Orientation about project, country and rules
  • Travel support in India
  • Certificate of Volunteering
  • Cultural week activities

Program Fee Does Not Include:

  • Round Trip Airfare to India
  • Required Travel and Medical Insurance
  • Visa


A dónde puedo viajar?