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Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Travelers from all over the world come to Bali as place for reflection and contemplation.  And within Bali, Ubud provides the perfect sanctuary, an idyllic environment in which you can experience true tranquility.

What will I do?


On Monday, you will wake up early for an introduction to the concepts of yoga and meditation. After this introduction, you will get a short break to eat some fresh fruits and drink tea. Then you will have breakfast and relax a little until lunch time. After lunch and some free time to chill, you will start afternoon yoga and meditation sessions. In the evening, you will once again get a break and enjoy some fresh fruits with tea.

Tuesday to Friday

From Tuesday to Friday, you will follow the same routine, receiving more training in yoga and meditation. You will start the morning with a yoga and meditation session. After the morning session, you will get a break once again to enjoy some fresh fruits and tea. After breakfast, you will have free time where you can relax further and make your body and mind ready for the afternoon yoga and meditation session. After lunch followed by some free time, you will then commence the afternoon yoga and meditation session.

Program Cost - US$450